Where can I buy cheap ISO standards?

Do you want to buy ISO standards at a fraction of the cost? Well, the few minutes spent reading this post is going to save you hundreds of pounds, literally.

When starting out on your certification journey you will probably budget for the cost of the ISO 9001:2015 standard and assume you have no choice but to “take the hit” financially. Then you realise that the language and terminology used in ISO 9001 aren’t very user-friendly. Enter ISO 9000 the helpful standard that actually gives you the definitions of the terminology used in ISO 9001, but ISO 9000 is even more expensive then ISO 9001. You could stop there, but then you realise if you want guidance on how to continuously improve your ISO 9000 quality management system you need ISO 9004 and if you want guidance on auditing your quality management system you need ISO 19011.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you ISO standards aren’t cheap, but you do have the option of buying them very cheaply in English.

OK, enough waffle I have kept you waiting long enough. Basically, you can buy your ISO standards from the Estonian Centre for Standardization (EVS). These are the same standards that you would buy from ISO or BSI, the only difference is that the content is either in both Estonian and English or just English. If you have no problem looking at a page that has Estonian text on the left and English text on the right then you can save a lot of money. An added bonus is picking up some Estonian along the way.

You can buy PDF’s or physical copies which can be sent to the UK for an extra charge (currently 12 EUR). They also provide very reasonable multi license options.

Link to EVS https://www.evs.ee/shop

Let’s do a comparison of costs for an organisation in the UK looking to purchase ISO 9000 standards against BSI https://shop.bsigroup.com/ and ISO https://www.iso.org/store.html

ISO 9000:201521.91 EUR
≈ £18.89
£ 98£ 196178 CHF
≈ £136.61
ISO 9001:201515.40 EUR
≈ £13.28
£ 59£ 118138 CHF
≈ £105.91
ISO 9004:201819.05 EUR
≈ £16.42
£ 132£ 264178 CHF
≈ £136.61
ISO 19011:201818.00 EUR
≈ £15.52
£ 99£ 198158 CHF
≈ £121.26
Total (excl del)≈ £64.11£ 388£ 776≈ £500.39

All prices correct as of 07/04/2019 and currencies converted using https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/ all links are non-affiliate (as always).

We at KM Quality Engineering have purchased copies of these standards via BSI and EVS and there is no difference in the English text. The only difference is in physical appearance. The BSI copy is A5 in size, spiral bound and the pages are laminated, the EVS copy is A4 in size, stapled and non-laminated. Yes, the BSI copies do look “nice”, but it’s the content that really matters!

EVS has a wide range of standards available in English, not just ISO 9001. Another great EVS service is the ability to “rent” standards. If you’re not sure whether an ISO standard is relevant to your organisation you can pay a few euros to rent it for 24 hours. That should give you enough time to decide whether you want to purchase or not.

Quick links to cheaper Standards on EVS

ISO 9000:2015 https://www.evs.ee/products/evs-en-iso-9000-2015

ISO 9001:2015 https://www.evs.ee/products/evs-en-iso-9001-2015-en

ISO 9004:2018 https://www.evs.ee/products/evs-en-iso-9004-2018

ISO 19011:2018 https://www.evs.ee/products/evs-en-iso-19011-2018

Long story short, if you don’t have money to throw away, buy your standards from EVS.

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